amber (colorofenergy) wrote,

one of the few people in my program who was really nice to me died today.  i dont know what i feel.  a lot of people from my program went to the hospital.  i would go, or would have, when she was still in the coma and on life support, but now i guess i feel its weird to go.  people keep going, but i dont know if her family really needs a lot of strangers around.  it just feels weird to me to go at this point. 
i prayed.  i never do that.  but i did, for her family, for everyone who lost her i said a mi she berach (however you spell it), and for gina, i said a kadish.  sometimes i think that if god (if there is one) hears a voice that he hasn't heard in years and its unfamiliar, then whatever it is saying must be important and he listens more intently.  its not the same old thing, if this voice is there its because its important. 
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